Archery Havoc

Archery Havoc is a combat game of archery where two teams use foam tipped arrows to battle an opposing team.

It is a cross between dodge ball and paintball.

Archery Havoc can be played outdoors or indoors as long as there is enough space available.

 Archery Havoc is a fun alternative to traditional Archery for group events.

 It is great fun for all ages and involves using skill and tactics.

Score points by hitting the opposition’s targets or team members. Games are played to a time limit and the team with the highest score wins. We have a variaty of different other games which we can play including: 

Traditional doge ball, Medic, Hunger games, Lastman standing.


Minimum Age to take part in Archery Havoc = 12 years old

Minimum group size = 6 people.

MaxImum group size = 24 people at one time although larger groups can be accomodated

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