Our history

Ever since we Started, we have been aiming to provide local Archers with the equipment and facilities they needed to enjoy the great family sport of Archery. We've grown to become the largest provider of Archery in Moray. 


  • 2004: Moray Archery Was Founded as a Junior Archery Club by Andrew Kelly and Lorraine Grant.
  • 2005: We started as a Junior archery Club running from Elgin High School.
  • 2007: We moved in with the Elgin Miniture Rifle Club and shared their indoor range in Pinefield industrial estate in Elgin and we started accepting adults into the club.
  • 2013: We purchased the land for our outdoor range and started to develop the outdoor range.
  • 2018: We started work on building a large shooting shelter so our members could shoot all year round.
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