Moray Archery
Moray Archery

Moray Archery Centre

Open to the public at the weekends and Monday to Wednesday evenings from April to October.

All sessions must be pre-booked at least a week in advance as we do not offer a drop in service.


Our Archery Centre

is 2 miles south of Elgin.

On the road to Thomshill.


Moray Archery 

Glenlossie Road


IV30 8SR

Indoor range

Unit 9 Perimetre Road pinefield Industrial Estate Elgin IV30 6AF


Opening Times

Thursday & Friday

Session 1 = 6-7pm

Session 2 = 7-8pm

Session 3 = 8-9.15pm

Our Equipment

Our workshop is always open during operating hours, enabling us to perform repairs on your archery equipment. It doesn't matter whether you just need to re glue a fletching, or change the strings and cables on a compound bow, we will be able to help.

We have a range of archery equipment for our members to use to help repair or tune their archery equipment, and to help inprove their form.

Interactive white board

Our smart board is connected to a computer and a web cam this allows us to explain principals of shooting to archers, wiew footage of our archers shooting and highlight points of intrest.

LCD Projectors

We have a few LCD projectors which alow us to project images on to the interactive white board and on to a screen half way down the range. this allows archers to wach their formm while shooting or display countdown timer when practicing for competitions.

Compound Bow press

We have two compound bow presses for our members to use one last chance archery Ez bow press for split limb bows and Apple bow press for solid limb compound bows.

String Jig

Arrow Straightner

Paper tuning frames

Fletching Jigs


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