Moray Archery
Moray Archery

Moray Archery Centre

Open to the public at the weekends and Monday to Wednesday evenings from April to October.

All sessions must be pre-booked at least a week in advance as we do not offer a drop in service.


Our Archery Centre

is 2 miles south of Elgin.

On the road to Thomshill.


Moray Archery 

Glenlossie Road


IV30 8SR

Indoor range

Unit 9 Perimetre Road pinefield Industrial Estate Elgin IV30 6AF


Opening Times

Thursday & Friday

Session 1 = 6-7pm

Session 2 = 7-8pm

Session 3 = 8-9.15pm

Flight Archery

A form of archery that can only take place where space permits since archers compete by shooting for sheerdistance. An archer shoots at least 6 arrows; the farthest is the one thatcounts there are 7 different classes of bow and 3 weight categories. Ranges must be visually marked to warn the public. It is the only form of archery that allows help on the shooting line; an assistant is allowed to advise you of the correct shooting angle (approx. 43.6° to gain maximum distance).


A roost of imitation birds is hoisted up a mast nearly 30 yards high and they have to be shot off to score; 5 points for the only Cock, 3 points for one of the 4 Hens and 1 point for any of the 24 Chicks. Special blunt ended arrows are used and an arrow proof shelter is provided for archers who are not shooting. This form of archery is the national sport of Belgium and Holland.

Archery Golf

Is played on a golf course but using a 4" disk to "hole out" on the edge of the green the game is played
according to golf rules; match or stroke play. A special arrow with a long needle point is used as a "putter" to Prevent Bounced shots on the green.

Indoor Games

Various faces are now available to by from archery suppliers the most popular being a dartboard face
other games such as Bingo Noughts and crosses and a variation of Snooker can also be played. Other games can easily be made up by yourself and friends.

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