Moray Archery
Moray Archery

Moray Archery Centre

Open to the public at the weekends and Monday to Wednesday evenings from April to October.

All sessions must be pre-booked at least a week in advance as we do not offer a drop in service.


Our Archery Centre

is 2 miles south of Elgin.

On the road to Thomshill.


Moray Archery 

Glenlossie Road


IV30 8SR

Indoor range

Unit 9 Perimetre Road pinefield Industrial Estate Elgin IV30 6AF


Opening Times

Thursday & Friday

Session 1 = 6-7pm

Session 2 = 7-8pm

Session 3 = 8-9.15pm

Archery is one of mans oldest sports, the remains of arrowheads have been found where there is existence of the third interglacial period which was about 50,000years ago.


In its early years the bow was not an instrument of sport it was a weapon, a way of life. It was one of the first weapons solely developed by man as apes can throw rocks wield clubs and even use a pointed stick against an enemy.

The bow was the most important tool in warfare until the introduction of firearms. Some historians have stated that through the years the bow and arrow have killed more men than any other type of weapon. Empires were carved out, to a large extent by archers and kept secure by bowmen on battlements. Some famous civilisations to which the bow was a tremendous influence were. The Hittites and the Israelites, The Chinese, The Egyptians, The Macedonians, The Persians, The Parthians, The Huns, The Turks, The Saxons and Normans, The English and The American Indians to Name but a few. With gunpowder and firearms appearing in Europe in the 14th Century, the bow as a serious military weapon was on the decline as it was easier and quicker to train someone to shoot a firearm than it was to train them to become an archer.

By the 19th Century bows and arrows were the toys of fashionable young English gents and ladies and archery was seen as a sport rather than a way of getting food or repelling enemies.


Today Archery is still a way of life in parts of Africa and the jungles of South America; it is still used by primitive people as their main weapon. Advances in technology have produced bows and arrows of greater accuracy and bows can now be bought in a wide range of sizes and strengths to suit all types of people this means that everyone can enjoy Archery. Archery is an Olympic sport but is also enjoyed by non-competitive archers and families.


Archery today is truly a sport for all



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